Probate And Estate Administration

In addition to preparing estate planning documents, my firm is also ready to assist when it is time for the estate plan to be implemented — broadly referred to as probate and estate administration services.

I’m James T. Jordan, Attorney At Law. I am proud to help Roanoke Valley clients plan for the future and ensure security for their loved ones. For nearly 15 years, my firm has been helping Virginians prepare for whatever the future may hold.

Guidance Through The Probate Process

A common goal of estate planning is to avoid having to probate a will. This is because the probate process can be frustratingly complex, time-consuming and expensive.

Unfortunately, avoiding probate isn’t always possible. But with the help of a good lawyer, the probate process can be faster, cheaper and far less frustrating than it otherwise would be.

When assisting clients with probate, some of my services include:

  • Making sure that assets are distributed properly
  • Making sure necessary bills and debts are paid
  • Helping clients understand which debts and bills are top priority and which may not need to be paid immediately (if at all)
  • Resolving or clarifying any issues of law for family members

Estate Administration Services

Executors and representatives are usually very responsible and organized individuals who want to fully honor the decedent’s wishes. But we all need assistance sometimes, especially while trying to grieve the loss of a loved one.

Moreover, estates of a certain size require a complete inventory and accounting, which needs to be filed with the court. This is a difficult and time-consuming endeavor for anyone who is not a legal professional. That’s why seeking an attorney’s help is strongly recommended.

As an experienced estate law attorney, I am available to assist executors and representatives in a variety of ways. This includes special circumstances such as assisting out-of-state executors. I can also serve as an executor or administrator, upon request. Regardless of the circumstances, my goals are to fully honor the terms of the estate planning documents, ease the burdens of family members, and resolve any issues quickly and affordably.

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